so i’m over halfway done.  yesterday i turned in a paper and an annotated bibilography, today i did an oral presentation on some research, and tomorrow i have two midterms.  i repeat, i am over halfway done.

for the presentation, i had to summarize an critical essay i read on edward albee’s zoo story.  the article stated that zoo story serves as albee’s social commentary on the lack of real communication among people, due to the fact that there’s so much conformity, materialism, and isolation in society.  albee also attacks the importance of status symbols in america, using the fact that blah blah blah

while everyone else was doing their presentations, i was looking at the titles of the books on the shelves in the classroom.  they were all about the elderly, and had titles like women as they age, old people on television, the new grandparent, and leg historyleg history?  the hell is that, some sort of chronological timeline of elderly extremities?

the world may never know.