last night phil and i went to three bars and got stupid drunk, and then today we woke up early, all hung over, and went to see shadow of the vampire.  having seen nosferatu just four days ago, we were completely prepared with movie background information.  also, we had peanut m&ms.

i’d been anticipating seeing shadow of the vampire since i saw a trailer for it during dogma, and i was not at all disappointed.  willem dafoe was so excellent as the vampire schreck, john malkovich made a great murnau, and the cinematography was gorgeous.  the dialogue was a little odd at times (schreck says, “i feed like an old man pees – sometimes drop by drop.” what?), but otherwise it was good.  there was a really awesome scene in which schreck explains what he didn’t like about bram stoker’s novel dracula, at which point he grabs a bat out of the air and eats it.  i’ve never been a huge fan of vampire stuff, but man, was it ever intense and creepy and cool.

and then i did absolutely nothing for, like, four hours.  oh, except i put these up.