oh, there’s nothing to say about six hours spent in the library reading middlemarch, other than that the girl at the computer across the aisle wants to kick my ass.

see, i kept glancing over at her because she’s sitting at one of the computers with some guy, with whom she is having a very loud, very stupid conversation.  well, she’s essentially having the conversation by herself.  the guy’s just sitting there in a sort of trance-like state, listening (or not) to this girl vomit up a steady stream of sorority gossip, evaluations of people’s appearances, and shallow, pointless revelations about herself.
“i think people notice me, i don’t know…”
“see, what i told steve is that i’m the kind of person who…”
“so i try to remember that all the time.  the thing about me is that…”
“i think i surprised everyone, and steve wasn’t even there…”
“i mean, she’s kind of pretty, but…”

how was i supposed to avoid looking over?  there was no way i could have kept myself from doing it, overcome with incredulity as i was, especially at the fact that this one-sided discussion had been going on for over half an hour at a decidedly non-librarial volume.  but then i heard this:
“she keeps looking over at me.  i swear to god i’m going to beat her ass.”
(a low mumble from the guy)
“i’m serious, i’ll do it.  i punched a girl in the face once.”

jesus god, i’m going to get jacked in the library.