last week i was at notsuoh with jonathan and veronica, who stood up at the table and sang “ode to joy” very loudly and in harmony, with lyrics that consisted only of “meow.”
yesterday at the grocery store i ran into my old next-door-neighbor roark, who ran up and pretended to kick me in the face before i recognized him, and then laughed at me as i fell over in the aisle.
today in the coffee line on campus, i ran into a guy i dated three years ago, who was carrying a large plastic jug full of a grayish milky substance, from which he drank at intervals.

who are these people, and where did they come from?

also: how strange it is to post from a computer in the library, to check my site to make sure the post looks okay, and then to watch as passersby see what appears to be me looking at myself in the monitor.  who am i, and where did i come from?