so be it, i’m your crowbar

am now marvelously drunk as result of phil owning bottles of backwoods mountain toothless loser wine. bastard bastard. wine was nice, but with a weak finish. originally i said that it had “no aftertaste,” but phil said that if i’m to be a proper snob, i ought to say that it had a “weak finish.” went to see quills, which was scandalously prurient or whatever it is they say, yet had really entertaining dialogue. was very gross film, and had to look away as phil described the tongue-cuttings and violence and whatnot. am really squeamish as regards movies, and always justify it with excuse that am from suburbs. joaquin phoenix really sexy in priest-type robes, as all concurred. went to cecil’s, and is general consensus per all drunken losers therein that dot-com millionaires are backwards-hat losers, and so loser.

hair in two buns like princess leia only farther back on head, rabi-style.