you can bet it is a bitch, kid

prolificacy only lasts so long, i suppose, until one cracks like a cheap wineglass and has to take a day off. anyway.

phil and i went to see the rerelease of akira kurosawa’s ran. i’d never seen any kurosawa before, and this one, essentally a japanese adaptation of king lear, was actually pretty cool. even though it was fakespeare, the plot was sort of throwaway, i thought, but the cinematography was just incredible. about halfway through i began to evaluate each shot based on its ability to stand alone, as a photograph, and the results were as close to completely consistent as i think i’ve ever seen. the battle scenes were by far the best, quite beautiful and moving, although the profusion of hyperbolically fake blood broke the spell a bit. the blood was such a bright shade of red that it bordered on pink, and from a few of the dead bodies it was spraying out, projectile-like. yeah, right.

“fakespeare” is a term i coined myself, in my head, while watching the film. but, as i suspected, it’s been coined by others as well. i blame phil.

yesterday there was a hair-dye mishap. i was trying to get rid of my blue streaks, but as a result of said mishap i now have an entire head of very dark blackish-maroon hair. which is interesting, it’s never been this color before, or this dark. i sort of like it…