james spader wakes up in a twist

i go through various sleeping-position phases, each one usually lasting a month or two. for awhile i’ll fall asleep on my right side, for awhile on my left side, and sometimes on my back. currently, i’ve taken to falling asleep on my stomach, with my feet together and my arms crossed and tucked underneath me, like a corpse turned over.

so, though i fall asleep in that position every night, i know i can’t possibly stay that way for very long. true, i don’t move around much in general, but if i stayed like a corpse turned over for seven hours, my arms would most likely fall off from lack of circulation.

what i’ve always been trying to do, though, is remember what position i’m in when i wake up, and i’ve never been able to tell. it sounds easier than it is, because i don’t have the presence of mind when i first wake up to pause and figure out where i am before jumping out of bed. so this particular knowledge has eluded me for as long as i can remember, which is strange since it seems so simple.

reading now about sex, sex, and massive car wrecks.
while i watched the water roll down