i was sitting outside the university center with tony today, and a kid came up and sat down near us. his name was nick, he said, he was sixteen, and he was on a high-school tour of the university.

     “so, what do you think of u of h so far?” i asked him.
     “it’s all right. if i can get my shit together in algebra II, i’ll probably end up here.”
     “what do you think you’d major in?”
     “electrical engineering.”
     at this point tony, noticing nick’s baggy pants and chinese-print t-shirt, said, “dude, you’re way too cool to major in something like electrical engineering.”
     “yeah, i am too cool for it,” nick said, “but i want to do something practical, something that’s going to make me decent money.”
     “so you’d rather get your balls sucked out by the man than do something you love?” i asked.

we’ve got to get these kids at an early age, we do.