the thing about me is that i am really quite good at pool, so when faced with six almost-total strangers over the coin-ops at cecil’s, i am instantly comfortable. we were playing eight-ball in teams, and most of the time, my team was the one being challenged for the table. sure, maybe i’m a disheartened, disillusioned college student with an uncertain future, but i have all sorts of useless skills!

yes, so i’m glad it’s finally october, although i really don’t feel any different, the way everyone says you’re supposed to feel. nothing monumental occurred at midnight to commemorate the month, except perhaps the sinking of the eight-ball in the corner pocket. i wanted wind and rain and cold and dead leaves stuck to the windows, but instead i turned on the air conditioner. fake air for fake livin’.

heh, yeah. ayn rand is, um, interesting.