all right, i do not in fact think that the need to be alone is pathetic, okay? i was being ironic. in fact, i’m rather proud of my love of solitude. i know so many people who don’t even like to go to the store by themselves, let alone live by themselves (as i’ve done for two years now), and i’d certainly rather not be that way. i think my need for alone time speaks well of my independence and self-reliance, and i wouldn’t trade it for anything in the universe. oooookay?

that said, i got my placement test results back yesterday. i now have credit for college algebra and american government, making me a fifth-year junior instead of a fifth-year sophomore (now that was pathetic). yay! in all seriousness, i’m really quite happy with myself for arriving at this point, considering the many obstacles i’ve had to overcome. i have not mentioned said obstacles on this website, so you have no frame of reference. too bad, so sad.

and a few people in creative writing submitted short stories to the class today, which i read tonight. it was really difficult to actually enjoy them because i couldn’t see past all the huge, glaring spelling and grammar errors. if you’re going to be an english major, if you’re going to take a writing class, you should have a basic command of the english language, by god. i was worried at first that everyone in the class would write fantastic stories that will put mine to shame, and perhaps they will do that, but i have a homefield advantage, language-wise. so HA!

and i have a good story idea, so double HA!