so i’m going back to school full-time. it’s a good decision, i think, since i’ve spent the past year just letting things happen to me, and i’ve spent the past month or so feeling as though my day-to-day existence is pointless in the grand scheme of things. so this is a good plan.

i’ve been a full-time web designer for over a year now. i’ve been cranking out websites conveyor-belt-style, for clients that want websites but don’t really know why, working for a company that cranks out websites but doesn’t really know why. i couldn’t do that anymore.

i’m of the age where i should be graduating from college, but i haven’t. i know that especially in my field a degree is not all that important, but i spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself because i’m still two years away from a degree. i couldn’t do that anymore, either.

the past two weeks have been nightmarish at worst, enlightening at best. there are things i thought i knew, but it turns out i hardly know anything at all.

what i do know is that more often than not that which is truly beautiful will eventually be rationalized away.