discussed blood types with my mom the other day. she informed me that i’m O negative, which means i’m the universal donor. AB is the universal recipient. does this mean that i’m supposed to be a giver and the ABs just take, take, take? since i now know that i am the Universal Donor, should i have to suddenly join the peace corps or habitat for humanity? should i Adopt a Highway? should we, the O negs, form an alliance against the ABs lambasting them for not “giving back to the community?” what, if any, are the implications of all this?


Things While Spending a Nice Weekend in Indiana

  1. i tend to think in the writing style of whatever author i’m reading at the moment.
  2. small college towns are all right to visit but i could never live in one; too little stimulus and too many fraternity/sorority clones
  3. on the way home on the plane, i sat in the very back of the plane next to a girl wearing a hideous pink shirt. we were reading the same book, were wearing the same pants, we both drank cokes and ate the stale goldfish crackers at the same time, with similar mannerisms. outside of aforementioned shirt, does this make ME a clone as well?
  4. if you move your finger back and forth in front of a fish tank, the fish will all swim simultaneously away from your finger, pretty much at the same speed at which you’re moving your finger. in this way you can conduct goldfish in a water dance coreographed by fear.